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"Great speakers."
- Scott Monger, Manager of Customer Research, LCBO

"My biggest challenge has been articulating my vision and goals to our executive team to obtain their buy-in on my plan and I've gathered today some great information and data that I cannot wait to bring back."
- Julie Daigle, Manager of Customer Experience Programs, Nissan/ Infiniti Canada
"Innovation and good tips for my business line."
- Ferdinando Santiago, Senior Manager, International Worlds Management, ScotiaBank
"There is a lot of candor on stage, and a spectrum of insight. A must for the Brand Manager in either buying or selling."
- Paul Flanigan, Producer – Experience Media, Best Buy
"Great factoids and data for building a business case."
- Tracey Rernkes, Director, Digital Marketing, Sun Life Financial
"Many of the presentations were extremely relevant and provided a good level of detail that will allow us to take back learning to our business. The information covered a range of topics which would be helpful to integrate in the future."
- Kevin Miller, Business Manager, Capital One



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